CAUSE LIST / see what projects your money goes towards

food programme

The Little Rose Centre runs a Food programme for HIV/Aids affected Community members and families in need to ease their burden and provide nutrition. 


cooking pots

Nutritious food is incredibly important for growing children. Our kitchen is used to prepare meals for up to 80 chilren a day. After so many meals, our pots and pans are very old and need to be replaced.

a safe place to play

Safe play is essential to children. We are in need of anchoring our jungle gyms so the Little Rose children can play freely and safely. 


computer help


With the generation donation of our computer labs, we are now investing into computer help for both Little Rose kids and our volunteers/staff.

paving of the courtyard

To reduce dirt in classrooms in the rainy season and to allow children to have meals outside the Little Rose Centre needs to pave the court yard.